Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Here!

Random Acts of Fishing is finally done! I thought the day would never arrive. The book is available for purchase through my e-store here and through I hope you enjoy the fly fishing tales!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still Waiting.....

I received the proof of my fly fishing book back and wouldn't you believe it, there was a spelling error as big as life right on the back cover. My heart sank. One single word misspelled. The more I stared at the back cover in an attempt to make the word magically change, the more glaring of an error it became, just to spite me. This means having to correct the error and request another proof, which is another way of saying DELAY! Sometimes it seems like I'll never get this fly fishing book off the ground. On a lighter note, I have been offered to display my fly fishing book for sale by a small church bookstore.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Editing the Proof

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year! Well, now that's out of the way. The proof for Random Acts of Fishing arrived over the holidays and the editing process began. What a pain in the neck! It's difficult to read something over and over, especially when it's one's own creation. I practically have the fly fishing stories memorized, so it is very difficult for me to find the grammar and spelling errors. It's funny how you can look at a text a hundred times and not see the errors right in front of you. Fortunately, my wife offered another pair of eyes and we spent the last two weeks looking over the manuscript and discussing changes. Back to the publisher it went. I hope everything turns out fine. Now, it's time to wait...again!