Thursday, February 19, 2009

Action Optics!

The search for a decent pair of quality polorized sunglasses for fly fishing seems at times to be a never ending quest for most fly fishermen. Sure, your can pick up the typical disposable fare from the colorful twirling rack at the gas station or fork out next month's mortgage for the latest in status glasses. Occasionally, the dilgent fly fisherman comes across a model of sunglasses that fits all of the crucial parameters, including the two most important: quality and price. That's what I found in Smith's Action Optics sunglasses.

In addition to the lightweight and stylish wrap around frame, these sunglasses feature shatter resistent polorized polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are billed as "optically correct" and that's what makes Action Optics so good. Apparently, they are curved to match the natural shape of the human lens. I'm not sure if that's true, but I can attest to the amazing clarity and lack of distortion in these sunglasses.

The polorizing technique used is equally amazing. The polorizing lines on the lenses are adjusted to match the curvature, yielding a truly astonishing polorization. With most polorized sunglasses, one can see the fish in the stream as the sunlight reflection on the surface of the water is removed. With these lenses however, one can actually see "through" the water to the fish, almost as if the water was nonexistent. The large square lens at 62mm is designed for medium to large faces and I really like the coverage. Nothing is more annoying when fly fishing than having reflected sunlight blind you from the side or from below the lenses because the frames are too small for your face. In addition to the polorization, the copper lens provides another factor important to fly fisherman: true color representation.

Action Optics sunglasses are a well made example of superb polorized vision for which Action Optics is so well known. The impact resistent nature of the glasses and the scratch resistent coating make for some pretty tough fly fishing glasses at a very reasonable price.


texasflyfisher said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the post on my blog and you have a nice blog, too!

I agree about Action Optics. I have owned a pair of Action Optics Fishbone sunglasses with the polarized glass lenses and they are my favorite pair. I do need to get a pair that have prescription lenses since my eyesight has required it now. I will definitely pick one of the AO models.

Dwayne said...

Thanks, Mike! Thank God for good digital cameras :)


thebigandyt said...

I'm going to have to check these out. My last pair don't seem to do anything for me. I need prescrioption ones so i chose a pair with an inbuild glasses frame behind the polaroid lense. All they seem to do is mess up my depth perception