Monday, May 11, 2009

The Canoe

It is said that God gave the idea for the shape of the canoe to the Native Americans. No other vessel has such graceful and alluring lines. No other vessel evokes such a time-worn image of wilderness exploration. No other vessel can track so well across a large open lake yet, gracefully wind its way down a river and still be easily portaged to the next put in. Its agility does not negate its load carrying ability. My canoe will hold 750lbs., a tremendous amount of weight, and float in about 8 inches of water! Fly fishing from a canoe provides one with an elevated seat that enables better casting without the need for a longer rod to lift line off of the water. Sitting higher off the water also makes for increased visibility and seeing more fish usually means catching more fish! Read more here.....

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All about the grab said...

Love canoeing Mike.Lena and I run trips down the Kirka chem river in Russia with clients each spring. we are busy designing a fully comprehensive canoeing website at the mo for overseas paddlers to use for here in Finland.You can also check out some of the trips myself and Lena have done over the last few years here in Finland at Just click the canoeing tap at the top.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately but have been busy with pike fly-fishing clients. Also have a new blog...just stared Think you will like the images I have been taking.
Anyway mate have a great weekend coming up