Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Riffles, Runs, and Pools

Riffles, runs and pools are terms used to describe the dynamics of fishable water. A riffle is a short section of fast moving shallow water with a generally rocky bottom. Riffles can form feeding lanes for trout as the stream brings the food to the trout. There is also good aeration of the water in a riffle. I have found some surprisingly large trout in the shallowest of water. Runs are formed when riffles deepen and the water current slows. Trout can be found in runs where the water slows after a riffle. Pools are found in the deepest portion of the stream where the water velocity has slowed considerably. Big browns love to hold in these deep slow-moving lies and can especially be found near the undercut banks. A seam is the edge of two different water currents and makes a good hold for trout. Pay attention to the moving water next time you’re out fishing the river; the trout do!

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