Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day

This year, I had one of the best Father's Day that I have had in recent memory. I was able to go to visit my fishing buddy in Mammoth and spend the weekend with my two boys flyfishing. We finished in Mammoth Creek and hooked up with five or six nice browns during the morning. Later that afternoon, we finished at the upper Owens River past Benton Crossing Bridge but did not catch any fish. The wind began to pick up and it was getting late so we packed it in for another day. The following morning we returned to the Owens River only to find it blown out with wind but we still managed to catch two nice browns. Later , we finished Rock Creek and landed a lots of nice fish. in the afternoon , we hiked into the high country to some high mountain lakes and had a field day with Brook Trout. Caddis flies and bllue-winged olives were the hot ticket all day long. It was an awesome weekend with the boys and one that I'll never forget!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Go Terrestrial!

It's almost time to break out the big uglies! Take time now to get your fly box in order for late summer terrestrials. Be creative. Here's a gaudy looking morsel that I made last year using some foam from my kids' craft box and some rubber bands. It took seconds to tie and was irresistible to the big ones lurking along the banks. Remember to toss'em with a big plop, add a little motion, and hang on for dear life!