Sunday, November 22, 2009

Simplify Your Life!

A Few summers back, I began searching for just the right chest pack to accommodate a large fly box, a tippet spool and a pair of pliers. I wanted something with a compact design that didn’t interfere with fishing. I have a 30-year history with fishing vests and can hardly walk a mountain stream without one, but this search was for something to be used in surf fly fishing, not high country streams. It seemed that a vest would be too bulky and warm at the beach and would get wet easily. I wanted something that could survive salt water and could hold a reasonable amount of gear. The JW Outfitters Bonefish Pack can easily do all of the above. In mine, I can carry a “leatherman” type pair of fairly good sized pliers in the unique upside down triangular pouch provided on the front of the bonefish pack. The pouch is designed specifically to hold a pair of needle-nosed pliers point down. On the front flap is a zippered mesh pouch in which I can carry a tippet spool and some leaders and there are several plastic rust proof D-rings around the edges from which other necessary items can be hung, like car keys! The center pouch will accommodate a large fly box. For versatility, the JW Outfitters Bone Fish Pack simply can’t be beat. A slim design that can be worn over the shoulder is enhanced with the addition of a belt loop that allows it to be worn as a waist pack. This rugged, high-quality pack replaces cumbersome fishing vests stocked with unnecessary items and is a must for every minimalist angler.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You just never know....

Random Acts of Fishing is available through the Home & Garden section of Empire Tool Store. Funny where things end up. Check it out!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seams of Time

There is a magical place in the stream, somewhere between what's moving and what's not, a seam, where time stands still and one's breath is held closely. Every fiber is focused on a simple concoction of thread and feathers carefully assembled to resemble a living thing in contact with the surface tension of the water. The potentiality of a take is real, timeless, and axiety ridden. When it comes, it is usually violent but sometimes it can be passive, almost imperceptible. And each time, it is the best.

Read more in Random Acts of Fishing....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mending the Line

Many times while fishing in streams we encounter varying currents that can play havoc with the line. A good cross stream technique is essential to maintaining a good drag-free drift. The reach cast allows you to place your fly upstream across fast water to area of slower moving water. Sometimes, however, the lines gets caught in the faster water and drags the fly along in an unnatural drift. Mending the line will help to maintain a good drift. Use the rod tip to lift the line and toss it upstream of the fly. This will ensure that the drifting line in the faster water does not overtake the fly sitting in the slower water. Your fly will remain in the correct position and maintain proper drift.