Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mending the Line

Many times while fishing in streams we encounter varying currents that can play havoc with the line. A good cross stream technique is essential to maintaining a good drag-free drift. The reach cast allows you to place your fly upstream across fast water to area of slower moving water. Sometimes, however, the lines gets caught in the faster water and drags the fly along in an unnatural drift. Mending the line will help to maintain a good drift. Use the rod tip to lift the line and toss it upstream of the fly. This will ensure that the drifting line in the faster water does not overtake the fly sitting in the slower water. Your fly will remain in the correct position and maintain proper drift.

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All about the grab said...

I employ something similar when fly fishing for pike on Rivers. I prefer to use foam head flies with an intermediate and often find myself having to lift the line with the tip of the rod.