Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brookies Love Caddis Too!

It has been said that Brook Trout will hit anything and I have found that maxim to be essentially true. Brooks in high mountain lakes have a short season to get food between the winter thaw and the fall freeze. They generally do not see as much entymology as trout on a stream and sometimes I think the simple presence of an invader dancing of the surface of the water excites their curiosity beyond control.

This past father's day, my sons and I made the trek to some high elevation lakes in Mammoth and threw elk hair caddis flies. Yes, you read it correctly! Why caddis imitations? Because that is what we had tied on our lines from fishing lower elevation streams earlier in the day. Did the brook trout care? Not one bit! They savagely inhaled all we could toss in their direction. It seemed that serving up the particular type of fly didn't matter much. Their idea of a delicacy was a bug that moved and was trying to get away. Now that's some good eatin!

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