Friday, June 9, 2017


It's always good to try something new. It's what keeps life interesting. A new hobby is one of the little things that can revitalize and take you out of your comfort zone. It can break up the routine and give you an opportunity to learn new skills. A new hobby can help with stress management and who knows, you might see some interesting characters along the way! There's no need to diverge into totally unfamiliar territory. You can easily find something along the lines of your current love...but with a twist. For me, it was surf fishing... with a spinnig rod.
In the evening the sun's rays become long and purple shadows wash across the beaches highlighting the foamy white water of the surf. The water is cool and the sand soft between my toes. The smell of salt is like a heady perfume as the tip of my rod dances. The beach shimmers in a silver iridescence. 

The take is gentle, almost imperceptible, The thrill of the unexpected mounts as I reel fervently and before long, in my hand I hold the wildness of the sea and am connected to it. There is only a brief moment to admire and release.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Utility of Purpose

     Having all of your gear at your fingertips on the the way to the river is a real time-saver. The Okochobee Fats tackle bag makes organizing a snap! Plus, it won't break the bank at only $10 for the small version.
     Last year, I was becoming frustrated with my gear floating around the back of the car or truck. In particular, I had no place to put several different reels, fly boxes, or tools and went in search of an inexpensive tackle bag with enough pockets to hold my stuff. At Walmart, I came upon several varieties of both soft-sided and hard tackle boxes, but the Okochobee caught my eye.
     The bag comes with two plastic boxes with dividers for lures, but since this was planned to be a dedicated fly fishing gear box, I removed the boxes. The exterior of the bag has a long shoulder strap that I have slid down to shorten to use as a carrying handle. There are two side pockets, net pockets, D-rings, and a longer center pocket, all with nice zippers. The exterior center compartment holds my extra hemostats and other extra tools, while the exterior side pockets hold extra shoestrings for wading boots and other items, such as leaders, strike indicators, etc.

     In the main compartment, I have plenty of room for reels, fly boxes, lanyard, tipped, glasses, and other tools. Everything I need in one place and now when I go fishing, it's a simple task to grab the bag with all of my gear in it and toss it the trunk, knowing that I haven't forgotten anything.

     I would recommend giving this inexpensive tackle bag a try. It is very lightweight and has more than enough storage for a day on the river.