Friday, June 9, 2017


It's always good to try something new. It's what keeps life interesting. A new hobby is one of the little things that can revitalize and take you out of your comfort zone. It can break up the routine and give you an opportunity to learn new skills. A new hobby can help with stress management and who knows, you might see some interesting characters along the way! There's no need to diverge into totally unfamiliar territory. You can easily find something along the lines of your current love...but with a twist. For me, it was surf fishing... with a spinnig rod.
In the evening the sun's rays become long and purple shadows wash across the beaches highlighting the foamy white water of the surf. The water is cool and the sand soft between my toes. The smell of salt is like a heady perfume as the tip of my rod dances. The beach shimmers in a silver iridescence. 

The take is gentle, almost imperceptible, The thrill of the unexpected mounts as I reel fervently and before long, in my hand I hold the wildness of the sea and am connected to it. There is only a brief moment to admire and release.