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Dead is a Four Letter Word

When sultry Claudia Vale recruits Detective Mitch Victor to protect her after having received death threats, Mitch thinks it’s easy money until he discovers the job entails much more than he bargained for, including finding a confidential map. In no time, he’s plunged into a gritty underworld where the morally bankrupt operate by their own code driven  by insatiable greed, a thirst for power, and the ability to control the red planet’s resources and determine who survives.

With lives hanging in the balance, Micth must find the map and prevent corporate elites and religious fanatics from using ANUBIS, the galaxy’s most dangerous AI computer virus from holding Mars’ water supply hostage. Even his quick wits and street smarts may not be enough as lethal stakes stack against his survival. Along the way, Mitch faces the hardest truth - is he willing to risk the one person he swore to protect most in order to save millions?

The fourth volume of the Mitch Victor Series

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