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Host Oblivion

Carl Landry is no stranger to insurmountable odds, but when he crash-lands on an uncharted planet, he finds himself in an untenable situation that could have deadly consequences for the universe.

As he and his friend Tank Williams scour the planet, they discover not only a devious plot to usurp control of the universe but a deviant character who is doing Vesh's bidding to create a zombie army.

With so much at stake and no time to second-guess himself, Landry must fend off zombies, escape a mind control machine, and face off with the ultimate evil - the pirate Lothar Vesh's quest to destroy the Federation and dominate the universe.

Experience the adrenaline-rushing, non-stop action adventure featuring heart-pounding and mind-blowing suspense in the exciting sequel to

The Female Captive

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