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Mr. Bazzo is the author of the popular Moons of Mars series, a pulp sci-fi action adventure.


Growing up in the age of classic science fiction, Mr. Bazzo's love for all things sci-fi began at an early age. Since his teens, he has been an avid reader and a prolific writer, having published several books and more than a hundred articles on a variety of topics.


For Carl Landry, the return trip from a mining expedition to planet A17 near the Outer Edge was anything but routine...

Relegated to a desk job on Mars and dreaming of leading a quiet normal life, Carl Landry is once again thrust into a next-to-impossible situation...

In a desperate search for Pembrose Celeste, Carl Landry faces overwhelming obstacles at the hands of the evil Lothar Vesh...

There is a remote place amid the peaks of the high country where the air is crisp and clean and the smell of pines is truly intoxicating...

                    — Anthony B.



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