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Mr. Bazzo is the author of the popular Moons of Mars series, a pulp sci-fi action adventure.


Growing up in the age of classic science fiction, Mr. Bazzo's love for all things sci-fi began at an early age. Since his teens, he has been an avid reader and a prolific writer, having published several books and more than a hundred articles on a variety of topics.




Five unsolved murders in less than a week and no suspects. With a city on edge and a department under scrutiny, can a disgraced former detective solve the crimes and return to the force? Faced with his own failures and demons, Mitch Victor sets out on a path of redemption. Will it lead to the outcome he’s after or an unexpected turn of events?

"This book had me hooked from the first paragraph. I couldn't put it down! Every chapter left me wanting more and the last page made me crave another book. The Pirates of Neptune is a perfect book for teens and young adults. Its very easy to read and hard to put down." 

                    — Anthony B.



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